Drop/ Pinch Frame

The core of all Hackney  Classic heavy rescue's is the drop/pinch frame technology. Space typically unusable below the frame rails  now becomes valuable storage. Heavy, bulky equipment is stored low to the ground. Compartment configurations are more simplistic, resulting is quick and simple access to all inventory. Strength characteristics are actually increased upwards of 2.8 times the original frame rail rating.

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Drop/ Pinch Frame

The drop/pinch frame permits the PTO generator to be mounted inside the left front compartment. The generator is protected from corrosive road spray, protecting an expensive investment.

Even with a 35KW, 150-amp system, as shown on right, the compartment can be configured to maximize storage while at the same time providing visible access to the breaker panel and a convenient location for handlights and light tower controls.



The compartment design, working in cubes, makes storage of inventory so simple. Compartments can be sliced and diced, but they remain simple, placing all equipment visible and easily accessible. Note the 40” of depth at the lower floor level, extending all the way to the top of the compartment.

Door tracks, adjustable shelf tracks, and LED lighting are all recessed into the side walls. Over 850 cu.ft. of storage capacity, plus roof compartments – the most useable storage space available anywhere. Zero wasted space!

hvy storage
hvy storage 3 hvy storage 4

Fast & Simple Access

The rear drop frame permits a full height compartment for installation of all hydraulic rescue tools and equipment. Shown are three individual slide trays with pre-connected spreader, cutter, rams, fixed and portable power units.

40” – 42” compartment depths from floor to ceiling permits installation of slide-out tool boards that are simple to configure and that accommodate even heavy technical rescue equipment for fast and simple access.

hvy storage 5 hvy storage 6 hvy storage 7

Large and bulky equipment, such as the overpack drum shown above left or Stanley Hydraulic too shown above right, can be stored at floor level. Impossible without incorporation of a drop/pinch frame.

36" long cribbing, drop-down step platforms for accessing equipment in upper reaches, slide-out wheelskirt Speedi-dri hopper, breathing air cascade system, stokes/backboard and ladder storage in upper wheelhouse, and much more, packing over 600 cu.ft. of storage space in truck shown above (excluding roof storage) and all in a short wheelbase, maneuverable rescue vehicle.

Heavy technical rescue equipment such as a Stanley tool can be wheeled directly into and out of the low-profile compartment due to the 40" lower compartment depth, available only on drop / pinch frame HAckney Classic.

shutter1 shutter2

Space Saving Shutter Door Tracks

Conventional shutter door tracks protrude into the compartment opening. This translates into a tray width that is as much as 8” less wide as the compartment in order to pass through the opening. Note photo on right showing a tray in the Hackney Classis body virtually the same width as the compartment by virtue of the recessed door tracks.