Maximized Compartment Space
Maximized Compartment Space

Light duty rescues are limited by set cab-to-axle dimensions relating to how much space a manufacturer has to work with. Hackney has solved that problem with a body design that utilizes integral door tracks as part of the body structure. The result is an inside wall equal to the pass-through opening. No wasted space.

To further maximize useable storage space all adjustable shelf tracks and LED compartment lighting is recessed into the side walls. Shelves, trays, tool boards and bulk equipment are not impeded by these items.


Innovative Body Design Innovative Body Design

Yes, you can pack a lot of equipment in a light duty rescue. But, the secret is that it must be the right light duty rescue.  Hackney’s innovative body design vastly increases the amount of useable storage capacity inside a given restricted cab-to-axle body dimension. The result is a larger cubic foot displacement by virtue of recessed door  and shelf tracks and ability to provide taller compartments due to low-profile body design. The result – much more body for your investment.

cascade  fill station

A complete cascade  fill station with four 6000 psi receivers is installed in the front compartment along with a slide-out SCBA rack allowing “back-up and go” donning.  Note the optional pneumatically operated drop-down step platform beneath the fill station.

Cascade Fill Station


Flood Lighting Hackney’s sales team is equipped with design tools that permits your department to sit down at your station to design a body layout that works for you, not what the manufacturer has pre-designed for someone else’s needs. This team is expert at insuring every square inch of valuable space is fully utilized.

For even more storage capacity the R-Series body is available providing a recessed roof that provides a protected area for coffin-style storage compartments , ladders, and light tower.




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International Terrastar

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